Save it For A Rainy Day – Kenny Chesney Lyric Video

I have been loving Kenny Chesney’s single “Save it for a Rainy Day” these last couple weeks. When we did an IFR to VFR on top flight on Saturday, along with some cloudsurfing, it seemed like the perfect song to make a lyric video to. This was just for fun, but I think it came out pretty good. We had some baby rain on takeoff and then went through the clouds, and it wasn’t rainy anymore.  On the way back in my CFI Andy showed me how to do an instrument approach on autopilot – just amazing to see and great stuff to learn for instrument training!!  Plane is N9897F, Pinnacle Aviation Academy



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2 thoughts on “Save it For A Rainy Day – Kenny Chesney Lyric Video”

  1. I assume you did this in class G airspace? It would be dangerous to cloud-surf like that in E — a plane on IFR could pop out at any time. I saw your solo video — it seems you’re really careful and are being taught well. But I’d suggest you add a disclaimer to the video — don’t try this in Echo! Believe it or not, people do, and there have been some close encounters.

    1. Valerie :) Post author

      I was with my very experienced instructor and we were on with ATC. 🙂


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