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Ava Meets Olaf (the inflatable version)

Ava was gone for a few days in Oklahoma for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I missed her so much!! I had some time to do a little Christmas decorating, and while I was at Lowes shopping around, I saw an inflatable “Olaf” snowman from Frozen, our favorite movie. I knew she would just love it him, so I brought him home. When Ava got out of the car, she spotted the deflated snowman and immediately had to investigate. I went and plugged in his little fan, and whipped out my phone to capture the magic. She was so excited!

Easter Egg Decorating Fun – PAAS Volcanic Eggsplosion Video

Today, I was supposed to fly solo for the third time. I was excited to use my new GoPro! But due to 10 knot winds, it got postponed. So Caroline and Ava and I had fun decorating Easter Eggs. We used a dye kit called the PAAS “Volcanic Eggsplosion” and melted down crayons on top of the freshly boiled (still hot) eggs. After the melted crayons cooled we dyed them the traditional way using the dye kit and vinegar. It was a lot of fun and the eggs came out great! In the video (sped up) you can see how quickly the wax melted. We used tongs to transfer them from the boiling water. Always use caution when handing hot eggs.