Personal Injury Law FAQ: How Long Does it Usually Take for a Lawsuit to Settle?

Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 12.06.29 PMI have worked in legal marketing, specifically, personal injury legal marketing, for almost seven years now. I have written a lot of website content and articles about legal topics ranging from types of accidents and injuries to information on the personal injury litigation process. I’ve also spent a lot of time reviewing and reporting website traffic analytics. In internet marketing, we measure website traffic analytics for many reasons, but primarily to aid in meeting specific business objectives, such as generating leads or selling a product or service. One thing I pay close attention to is where website traffic comes from, primarily organic keywords.

The way we search for things has changed as the internet evolved. People want to research their own legal issues and educate themselves on their rights and options before deciding whether or not to hire an attorney. And one of the most popular queries for people considering hiring a personal injury lawyer is “how long does it take until I get my settlement?” This is an important consideration, especially if injuries are serious and you are unable to work, or are facing huge medical bills. People ask this question when interviewing lawyers, and when deciding to hire a lawyer.

The short answer to that question is “it depends.” I’ve seen personal injury cases resolve in a few months, and I’ve seen other cases drag on for years. Typically, the cases that resolve the quickest are typically accident cases where liability is undisputed, injuries are significant, and there is plenty of insurance to cover the damages. If a case goes to trial, the time period can be much longer, as trial preparation can take months and months.

You should not settle quickly, if it means you are significantly sacrificing compensation you are entitled to. Once you accept a settlement, it is permanent, and you cannot pursue a claim for your injuries at any point in the future. Settlements are often worth the wait.

No matter what the source, you should not make any decisions about your case based solely on information you have researched on the internet. Your case may have aspects that make it worth significantly more, or you may have a very limited window to file a claim. As soon as possible after an accident, talk to a knowledgeable lawyer, one who is very experienced and has handled cases similar to yours with positive outcomes. Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations.

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